Systems are the Key to Duplication


Systems Are The Key To Duplication-Have You Ever Heard Of a Guy Named Deming?

Dr. W. Edwards Deming: The Father of the Quality Evolution


Key Point - Deming said, "People want to succeed. They want to do a good job. They don't like to turn out lousy work. If your people are consistently failing, it's not their fault ... it's your system's fault."

Do you have a System that works?

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The Highlights will help the way that you introduce your prospect to your business is often the Key Reason whether they join your business or not.

Let me repeat that because this is a profound statement, and it needs to be something you not only understand ... but something that you do.

The way that you introduce your prospect to your business is often the Key Reason whether they join your business or not.

So what do I mean by "the way you introduce your prospect to your business is often the KEY REASON whether they join your business or not?"

Hint ... remember CIDI (Can I Do It)?

Well, rather than immediately tell you, I'm going to ask you some questions.

Do most people have a lot of free time?


What if some distributor (let's call them Joe) introduces you (pretend you are a prospect) to their opportunity and takes 30 minutes to do it?

What would you think?

You'd probably think ...

Well, it took Joe 30 minutes so I guess I'd need to spend 30 minutes to introduce this opportunity every time I want to share it with others ... and I don't have much free time!

By the way, I'm not saying you shouldn't spend time with your prospects ... the Key Point here is I'm talking about when you Initially Introduce your opportunity to others.

Now, back to my example with Joe the distributor and you as a prospect.

Would you join Joe's company if you thought it took 30 minutes to introduce the business to every prospect and time was a major concern for you?

Of course not ...

Would it matter how great the opportunity is and all of the benefits they offer?

Of course not ... Why ...

Remember CIDI (Can I Do It)!

Key Point - If the way you Introduce your business is something that doesn't work for your prospect then they will never join your business.

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Merry Christmas Empower Network


Well this is the first post I think I did I'm December. Just want you to know that I am concentrating on paid advertising I the 15k formula.

What's cool is that the 15 k does have its weight and has been said by veteran marketers as the most comprehensive training that they themselves said it was all the things needed to get the fastest results.

What I want to share is that the fact that I purchased it and didn't have the budget to buy it in the beginning and now we have the opportunity to use it. Empowernetwork does have the information to help you.

If information is what you need to start implementing your Business online than you can start here and get the info and apply it directly to your business.

Have a Merry Christmas! 2013

The 7 Figure Way To Earning Money Online!


The 7 figure way to earning money online seems to be yet a mystery to the masses however to a certain few you will find that all of it is simple if you have a plan.

If you can reguard yourself to be an internet marketer than you will find a learning the 7 figure way to earn money online is still just a idea away.  In this google hangout you will see that Silvio Fortunato from Portugal actually made it very simple.

While some still believe that the 7 figure way to earning money online is hard and difficult, I believe that you will be able to find the simplicity when you hear what he does to earn HIGH quality traffic online and boost sales to another level.

Hear the how to as it fell from his mouth onto hungry ears and people grabbed it and ran... I don't knkow what you will do or create but this one idea can be applied to anything and you will agree that this is the secret to many of Empower Netwokr's Profitable leaders.

I have seen many people make marketing difficult because I did it as well. After changing direction and being around leaders like these it makes it almost difficult to fail.

The 7 figure way to earning money online has been unraveled for me. A little information can go along way.

  1. Follow Your Happiness (have you made your list?)
  2. Follow the path of other successful people.
  3. Earn what you want to and play big!

I am so happy as to what I recieved from this google hangout. It so lit a fire under my butt to actually start to apply the 7 figure way to earning money online.

If you have been slaving and sweating to earn your fist commission online then allow yourself some room to sit back and relax with a pen in hand and listen to what these guy and gals are dong to change their families futures.

Silvio believes if he can discover this idea and put the 7 figure way to earning money online and get the results he has, that anyone can, however will everyone be as tenacious as SIlvio to do it is another story.

Just watch this video and put yourself at ease as you learn how to put the 7 figure way to earning money online for yourself because you deserve it.





Happy Thanksgiving


Today is a day to be great full that's what thanksgiving is all about and we get to be a part of it today.

Let's just spread the love of God the great spirit where ever we go and on who we see as friends and maybe those we don't know.

Cheerfulness is something we can exercise throughout our lifetime and never get tired of.

Thank you for being part of my business family and life.

Happy thanksgiving

How To Break Out Of Financial Prison


Free enterprise is an economic engine powered by unfettered industry and profit-focused individuals. Basically, it's capitalism. Resources are owned by people -- as opposed to the government -- and the government doesn't interfere with the economy, apart from ensuring overall peace and order in the society.


Ideally, this means that even though the system is ostensibly self-based, because people want to make money, they'll work hard to profit. That means pleasing consumers. So producers get paid, people get stuff they want at a reasonable price, and everybody wins. Except it doesn't usually pan out that perfectly in the real world.

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